Young New Yorkers are getting excited about literal chamber music

inman-1-31eda5e16700bb1f0c2d2c7b0c00c5b2Jets. Helicopters. Food. Puppies. What isn’t there an “Uber” for? The newest edition to that ever expanding list is…can you guess?…No?…A full orchestra, obviously!

Meet Groupmuse, which brings live classic music right to your living room. The Groupmuse team pairs performers with hosts who volunteer to host strangers and musicians in their home (the bigger the home the bigger the performance). The shows themselves are broken into  two 25-minute sets of instrumental music: the first set is always from the classics, and the second is up to the performers. “

“We’ve had Dvorak and then string quartet arrangements of Guns and Roses, we’ve had Chopin on the piano and then Brazilian choro music,” founder Sam Bodkin told Wired.

Groupmuse shows happen across the country every week, mostly in Boston, New York, Seattle and the Bay Area, according to Wired.

The best part is that it it only costs about $10 per guest, sending home musicians with experience playing intimate settings and $160 on average.

Actually, despite how it has been portrayed elsewhere in the media, Groupmuse isn’t similar to Uber at all as far as we can tell. You can’t order an orchestra at a moment’s notice on an app (it doesn’t look like there even is an app). But Groupmuse does take classical music out of Lincoln Center. It gives you the ability to organize concerts (that’s right, concerts. This isn’t background music for a party) in the comfort of your home. And that is music to our ears.