The Big OH: An unexpected oasis (with a private pool) on the High Line

Squeezing through a gap in the chain link fence that guards the still-very-much-under-construction Soori High Line building, we were rather nervous about what we were about to see for the latest installment of our Open House series.

The 11-story tower at 522 West 29th Street is architect Soo Chan’s debut New York City project, and it will hold a total of 31 one-to-five-bedroom units.

Scaling the concrete staircase didn’t do much to soothe our concerns either, but then, lo-and-behold, an unassuming door opened and we were in the middle of the building’s new model unit.

Ashwin Verma, managing partner of Siras Development, one of the developers behind the project along with Oriel Development, ushered us inside the newly finished model and into the units open-plan living space. Immediately, our eyes were drawn to the private pool, which can be seen through floor-to-ceiling windows. Of the 31 units in the development, a whopping 16 will have pools, setting an NYC record. The pool is enclosed on three sides with one small area jutting out onto the street. Lights under the pool’s surface reflect the ripples into the room, and trust us when we tell you it’s as impressive as you can imagine.

Above the dining table, low-hanging pendant light fixtures emphasize the super-tall ceilings, as do the impractical-but-pretty ceiling-high bookshelves.

In the kitchen meanwhile, there are Caesarstone countertops, Miele appliances and plenty of storage space. Leather covered doorhandles throughout the apartment are examples of what Verma calls, “tactile luxury”.

This model unit is a three-bedroom. The master bedroom is spacious and cozy, and will have access to a private terrace and a spacious dressing area. Curiously, and quite fabulously, the master bathroom has higher ceilings than the bedroom, and while that’s not a feature we’ve seen before, it certainly works. In the bathroom, a 16-foot-high wall of windows looks out over the pool, and — just like in the living space — the ripples reflect into the room and create a seamless space that sits somewhere comfortably between outside and inside.

The second bedroom is smaller, naturally, but equally cozy with solid built-in storage, and the third bedroom is being used as a study.

This unit, or one comparable, would set you back around $6.5 million. The crowning glory of the home though, is the triplex unit 9A, which comes with a price tag of $22.5 million and a rooftop pool.

While the talking point of this building is undoubtably its aquatic perks, the charms go far beyond the pools, and if you’re looking for a West Side slice of luxury, the Soori delivers.