The space-age TWA terminal at JFK will reopen in 2018 as a hotel with a nightclub

Chances are, you’ve glimpsed at the long-time defunct TWA Terminal at JFK Airport since its closing in 2001 and didn’t quite know what was happening with it.

The building is actually under renovation to become a hotel, which will be completed by late 2018. According to a new article in the Times, the hotel will include restaurants, a nightclub, event space and a food court. Architect Eero Saarinen completed the Trans World Flight Center at John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1962, but it was “functionally obsolete,” according to Tyler Morse, who invested $265 million into this restoration and is the chief executive and managing partner of MCR Development, so its reconstruction comes as no surprise.

This new addition will certainly be the opposite of obsolete considering the amount of tourists who fly into JFK everyday. The $265 million TWA hotel will consist of two buildings, each six stories high, with 505 rooms in a crescent-shaped area between the Saarinen landmark and JetBlue’s Terminal 5. American Airlines agreed to license the use of the TWA name and logo for the hotel.

Two tubes that previously guided travelers to their waiting airplane will soon be used to connect the two hotel buildings, the flight center and Terminal 5. A formal announcement of this project is set to come out on December 15th. [NYT]