Inside Corcoran Sunshine’s lastest CS Talks: PHOTOS


Last month, CS Talks, a TED Talk-esque platform, hosted a 10-day series of events at Hudson Yards and beyond. The events focused on art, architecture, technology, culture and real estate and how they are intersecting in unprecedented ways.

The series started on November 9th, which and was attended by Jeff Blau, CEO of Related Companies. Blau presented development plans for a green space and shopping area. On November 14th, architect Thomas Juul-Hansen joined the celebration.

Other speakers included Tony Marx, the President of the New York Public Library, The New York Times’ Vivian Toy, The Real Deal’s Kathy Clarke and the New York Post’s David Kaufman.

Another noteworthy event was a tour of the first private IMAX Theatre at Zaha Hadid’s newest building, 520 West 28th Street. At the end of the week, guests enjoyed a tour of food offerings along Vanderbilt Avenue in Brooklyn, a holiday soiree with Belle Fleur flowers at Sant Ambroeus and a homemade pasta demonstration by Joey Campanaro of the Little Owl in the new chef’s kitchen at The Greenwich Lane.

Check out the photos below:

Leigh Godwin, Gordon Hoppe
Larry Silverstein, Kelly Kennedy Mack
Gordon Hoppe, Armelle Flood, Kelly Kennedy Mack, Helen Monti, Robert Doernberg
Kelly Kennedy Mack, Jeff Blau
Robert A.M. Stern
Todd Vitolo, Jasmine Mir, Gaia Krauss, Jourdan Krauss, Gabe Kellermeyer
Deborah Kern, Kelly Kennedy Mack, Robert A.M. Stern, Carla Berens
Aaron Goed, Megan Flynn, Casey Drake, Danika Dorsey, Sead Radoncic, James Lansill
Andrew Kotchen, Katherine Clarke
Dan August Cordeiro, Joanna Rose
Dan Cordeiro, Kelly Kennedy Mack, Mark Ellwood, Robert A.M. Stern
Dan Cordeiro, Sherry Tobak, Connie Stathis Marois, Jannie Woodbrey, Blanca Lopez, Cathy Kim, Sebastian Steinau, Eric Solomon, Maria Ramudo