Ever wanted to vacation in a temporary bubble on the Bolivain Salt Flats?

Vacation company Black Tomato is delivering what might be the hottest new luxury travel experience: one-off, bespoke … camping.

Of course we use the word “camping” liberally. Dubbed “Blink,” the personalized service provides vacationers with accommodations, from safari-style tents to lunar-like bubbles, built and designed specifically for them, plus staff to set it all up and take it all down after. Guests can essentially design their own temporary resort.

“We wanted to utilize our travel expertise and destination knowledge. We asked ourselves if it would be possible to create a luxury accommodation experience that can exist and be enjoyed for a brief moment never to be replicated again? It’s with this notion that we developed the idea for Blink,” Tom Marchant, Black Tomato co-founder, said in a press release.

Prices depend on the location, length of stay and itinerary but can range anywhere from £8,800 ($11,000) per person for a three-night stay in Morocco to £23,800 ($30,100) per person for a four-night trip to Bolivia.

Earlier this year Black Tomato launched their “Drone the World” trips, which offered vacationers the chance to have their adventures filmed by drone.