Ivanka Trump lists Park Avenue pad for $4M

Ivanka Trump and the unit at 502 Park Avenue (photo credit: Getty)

Jewelry isn’t the only thing Ivanka Trump is hawking. According to city records, the soon-to-be First Daughter has listed an apartment at 502 Park Avenue (a Trump building) for $4.1 million.

Trump purchased the condo in 2004 for $1.5 million, and listed it for a day in 2011. She later transferred it to an LLC that she controls in 2015. The 1,549-square-foot apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a corner living and dining room and a chef’s kitchen. The listing notes that the unit is a sponsor unit (meaning that it is being sold directly by the developer).

Trump also owns a penthouse in the building, which she also bought in 2011 for a rumored $16 million. That unit does appear to be listed at this time. Trump’s husband, developer Jared Kushner, told the Wall Street Journal earlier this year that he and Ivanka might purchase a unit at the Puck Building, which he owns, and rumors were swirling earlier this month that the couple was house hunting for a home in D.C. to be closer to the White House.

  • Charles Dale
  • Richard

    The taste in decor isn’t as hideous and ostentatious as her mommy and daddy’s.

  • Jerry O’Brien

    It looks a lot like like a tasteful, yet incredibly “spartan” hotel room, a really big hotel room.

    • Blufly

      think investment property / rented out at best. never lived there.

  • nancy

    i doubt they lived there…lets get real. not sure any new yorker would want o give them a dime. they should donate to those who need a place to live..oh wait, they give nothing

    • Blufly

      you can stop being silly now….
      heck of a lot of prejudice and judgement from your side while you accuse them of theirs.

  • Bill Mac

    If one knows anything about selling real estate ALL listings especially LUXURY listings should show “spartan” pictures without any personal effects. If an agent or real estate company puts a listing of this magnitude on the market and it shows “Personal Effects” then that person or company are doing the listing a disservice.

    Everyone who owns real estate and has the money to do what Ivanka and her husband are doing are NOT doing anything wrong or illegal.

    This is what real estate is about and this is why her father/Step Mother & no doubt her Mother have money because they invested well and they are doing what 1000s of others do when they own real estate – especially luxury real estate.

    The only reason why this is news is because of her dad.

    • Blufly

      you’re obviously not knowledgable about the NYC market. hovels with rats sell here for over a million. units on park ave can be news.
      you sound disgusted with jealousy. did you want a famous dad…