Billionaire Rovt family picks up modest Midtown spread

Alexander Rovt
Alexander Rovt and the Galleria

The billionaire Rovt family just picked up a two-bedroom condo at the Galleria at 117 East 57th Street. Using the LLC, Mr Galleria 47cd LLC, the family paid $3 million for the apartment, according to public records.

The 1,800-square-foot apartment is on the 47th floor of the 57-story Midtown West tower. However, little other information regarding the unit is available. Maxwell Rovt, son of self-made billionaire Alexander Rovt, signed the deed as manager.

the Galleria
The Galleria

In 2014, fertilizer tycoon Alexander Rovt’s opulent $25 million Upper East Side townhouse hit the market. But it garnered media attention after he included a Phantom Rolls Royce in the listing.

“We decided to go very out of the box with this one,” listing broker Benjamin Benalloul said at the time. “To diversify our marketing strategy and take advantage of the private garage that comes with the house, we will be throwing in a Rolls Royce Phantom into the purchase price at our own expense.”

We serious doubt that Maxwell got such a sweet ride with this much more modest spread.