Hamptons playboy Sir Ivan pays $5K to have his name tattooed on a butt

Sir Ivan Wilzig — a man whom we have previously described as an “eccentric swinger, John Lennon enthusiast and castle owner” — can add butt-tattooer to that already eclectic list.

According to the New York Post, Wilzig won an auction to have his name tattooed on a New Zealand woman’s butt.

Wilzig reportedly read how Bailey Price, 20 was selling off a prime spot of rump, and he won the auction with a bid of nearly $5,000. He won’t make do with any old tattoo though, “I don’t want to go to New Zealand. I’ll fly her to Miami, where they have the best tattoo parlors in the world,” Wilzig told the Post.

Earlier this year, Wilzig used drones to monitor the grounds of his 10-acre Water Mill estate during his 60th birthday, which was a “Garden of Eden themed party.”

Meanwhile, his brother, Alan Wilzig, is currently trying to rent out his quirky Tribeca pad for $49,500 a month. [NYP]