Trump Grill dubbed “worst restaurant in America”

Trump Grill, the steakhouse in the lobby of the Secret Service-laden Trump Tower, might not be a great place to grab dinner — and not just because of the crowds and ridiculously beefed-up security. Vanity Fair just reviewed the dining spot and concluded that it could be the worst restaurant in America.

“The allure of Trump’s restaurant, like the candidate, is that it seems like a cheap version of rich,” wrote Vanity Fair’s Tina Nguyen, who delivered the scathing report. The restaurant reportedly features a number of “French-ish paintings” that look like cheap knock-offs, and menus were inconsistent and randomly capitalized fancy words like “Prosciutto” and “House Salad.”

Then there’s the food, “renowned butcher Pat LaFrieda once dared me to eat an eyeball that he himself popped out of the skull of a roasted pig,” wrote Nguyen. “That eyeball tasted better than the Trump Grill’s (Grille’s) Gold Label Burger.”

The rest of the menu didn’t fare much better, the Szechuan dumplings were described as “flaccid,” the steak was overcooked, and the cocktails, “seemed to be concocted by a college freshman experimenting in their dorm room.”

In a very Trump-like response, the President-elect turned to Twitter to voice his distaste over the article: