Venice palazzo where Friedrich Nietzsche once lived on the market for $3M

Friedrich Nietzsche and the apartment

If you live your life by the phrase “what does not kill me makes me stronger,” then boy do we have the home for you.

The former Venice property of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche has just hit the market asking $2.658 million.

The 3,229-square-foot four-bedroom apartment is where he lived between 1880-and 1887 when he wrote “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” Part of the 17th century Palazzo Berlendis, the main-floor apartment is located at the end of the Rio dei Mendicanti.

The home has very high ceilings, and Serlian windows that open up to a balcony that overlook the lagoon.  There’s also frescoed walls and a private chapel. All of which sounds like it makes it the perfect place to gaze upon the glory of Venezia and contemplate your very existence.

One lucky buyer will undoubtedly be very grateful to live among stunning marble and ornate ceilings — after all, “the essence of beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” [Curbed]