Is this music festival the next Coachella? These models seem to think so

Coachella is so 2016. Introducing the Fyre Festival.

Created by none other than Ja Rule (yup super random), the festival gained traction on social media last week when every single model who either has dated or will one day date Leonardo Di Caprio posted photos of themselves living their best lives in the Bahamas.

Things got so absurd it prompted Fashionista editor Alyssa Vingan Klein to pose the question on Twitter: “Hey, quick question: What are all of the Instababes doing in the Bahamas? (Srsly I want to know.)”

work is tough 🙄

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Well apparently, they were promoting the festival, and they certainly did a pretty good job doing it. Tickets to the event, which will run from April 28-30 and May 5-7, range in price from a relatively reasonable $1,194, which includes a private flight between Miami and the Fyre Caye, a ticket to the festival, and a twin bed. To an insane $50,000-per-person, which includes vague promises like “Exclusive VIP Experiences” and dinner with a performer during the festival. We can’t even really speculate about who that person might be because none of the performers have been announced yet.

Still, that price might be worth it. According to the Fyre Festival website, Fyre Caye holds “$1 million in treasure” you can presumably dig around for. So if you play your cards right, this might be the only festival you come back from richer than you were before.

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