Lexi Lawson hosts fellow Hamilton stars for holiday shindig: PHOTOS

Lexi Lawson, Syndee Winters, Victor Dixon, Donald Webber, Lauren Boyd, Bobby Attiko (credit: Aurora Rose)

Broadway starlet Lexi Lawson rang in the holidays last Sunday, with a party at the Jamie Drake-designed model residence at Manhattan View at MiMA. The Hell’s Kitchen building, at 460 West 42nd Street, also happens to be Lawson’s new home.

Nick Walker, Kamille Upshaw, Maleek Washington, Jevon McFerrin, Vanessa Bartlett (credit: Aurora Rose)

Lawson celebrated with 50 of her Broadway friends and fellow Hamilton cast mates including Brandon Victor Dixon, Donald Webber and Lauren Boyd, as well as two Princess Jasmines from Aladdin; Courtney Reed from the New York production and Arielle Jacobs from Australia.

Guests enjoyed light bites and cocktails served by Mayan Woods Catering while singing along to classic holiday tunes.

Roddy Kennedy, Rickey Tripp (credit: Aurora Rose)
Armando Acevedo, Steven Rodriguez (credit: Aurora Rose)
Victor Dixon, Donald Webber, Quinton Johnson (credit: Aurora Rose)
Morgan Marcell, Patrick Curry (credit: Aurora Rose)
Dan Huxley, Leonidas Gulaptis, Luke McKenzie (credit: Aurora Rose)
Giovanna Sinno, Scott Reeves, Jeffrey Garcia, Lexi Lawson, Peter Macchia, Joey Ray (credit: Aurora Rose)
Lexi Lawson, April Ortiz, Arielle Jacobs (credit: Aurora Rose)
Lisa Jane Wright, Keanna O’Quinn, Courtney Reed (credit: Aurora Rose)