Eatsa, an automated restaurant, just opened in Midtown: VIDEO

If dealing with people isn’t your thing, there’s a new eating experience in Manhattan targeted specifically to you. According to Fox 5 NY,  Eatsa, a new automated restaurant, has just opened in Midtown East. It allows you to have a salad with a side of tech.

Feast on affordable vegetarian cuisine — organic quinoa for the win! — simply by ordering via your smartphone or iPad. Offerings include hummus & falafel as well as quinoa-heavy burrito, bento or aloha” bowls which cost about $7. Food is prepared by actual humans who remain hidden from view. One’s meal arrives in a little locker, Jetson’s style.

And if you get lonely for some human companionship, no fear — Eatsa does have staff members nearby to help you if you reach any snags in your order.

We wouldn’t be surprised if more Eatsa locations pop up in the future. The innovative company began as a small chain in California and was named Restaurant Business’ 2016 Tech Accelerator of the Year.

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