See what goes into creating Bollinger’s $5,000 champagne: VIDEO

Ever wonder how the rarest and most expensive champagnes are made? If so, you no longer have to travel to France to find out. A video by Bloomberg featuring Gilles Descotes, Bollinger’s cellar master, sheds some light on the task.

In the heart of France’s wine country sits a tiny half acre plot of land surrounded by a brick wall. This is where all the magic happens. It is the birth place of Bolllinger’s Vielles Vignes Francaises, which technically means “old French vines.”  In the mid-1800s when the disease, phylloxera, threatened the area’s vineyards, miraculously this oasis was left unmarred.

Now 40 workers harvest the plot in just two hours, paying special care to the extremely delicate ripe grapes. From there they are immediately pressed on the property, taken from barrel to– very expensive — bottle. After the cellar aging process it is ready for sale. Approximately 1500-2000 pricey bottles of the “powerful and fresh” bubbly are sold each year to the tune of up to $5,000 a bottle.