High-end hotels are now offering the use of luxury cars as the latest must-have amenity

Come for the room, stay for the sweet ride. High-end hotels are now offering the ultimate amenity to the monied set: luxury cars are now at guests’ disposable for use — sans charge — during their stay.

The genius marketing ploy is a win for everyone: guests are thrilled to be able to tour around for free; hotels attract more clients by offering the added luxury amenity; and luxury car brands get to put their product in the hands of high-net worth potential buyers.

The national manager of digital and engagement marketing at Lexus, Steve Jett explained the tactic to the New York Times, “What we’re trying to accomplish is to associate Lexus with great hotels, and we help them by being in association with a great brand. Their clientele is in our wheelhouse, with household income over $250,000.”

The plan is pretty simple. Lexus has partnerships with 15 hotels in the United States. All hotels need to do is display the vehicles prominently and promote them to guests. Easy peasy!

Kevin Geanides, general manager of the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, CA agrees about advantages. Not only do properties not have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on vehicles, but, “The other upside is the brand aligns with the Post Ranch, with our property and values,” expounds Geanides. With hotel rates reaching $4,000 a night, the brands both target the same tony one percenters.

Along these same lines, BMW offers a program called its Resort Driving Tour. BMW brings its newest cars to resorts during their peak season so guests can test them.

Likeswise the Peninsula Hotels group uses Rolls-Royces to pamper guests. To celebrate its 50th anniversary, its Beverly Hills outpost recently offered a brand new $350,000 Dawn to guests staying in suites up to $10,000 to try out for a test drive.

Sort of makes your Uber pale in comparison. [New York Times]