Obama gives a tour of his White House: VIDEO

When the Obamas leave the White House in a couple of weeks, they’ll be moving to this really, really nice house in DC. But they haven’t left yet, and in a new video tour produced by the White House, Obama himself provides a tour of the residence, along with some very thoughtful words about his time living there.

“While you’re here, you’re maybe part of the first family, but once your term’s up you’re going to be a citizen once again. And that, I think, is both humbling but extremely gratifying because it reminds us that this is a democracy, and those who come into this office are here temporarily and someday soon there’s going to be somebody else who takes up that mantle and you just make sure that during the time that you’re here you’re doing the best you can to serve the people who’ve sent you.”

A plea to his successor perhaps? We can only imagine what the White House will look like once Trump is done with it. Let’s just say, there’s going to be a lot more gilding.