Le Train Bleu restaurant at Bloomingdale’s shuts its doors

While the New York City masses are collectively shouting out in glee over the soon-to-open Second Avenue subway, another type of train car has closed. Bloomingdale’s iconic train car eatery, Le Train Bleu is no more.

Debuting in 1979, the Midtown restaurant was modeled after the dining car of the French luxury train, the Calais-Mediterranée Express. Sadly, after 30 years, the space permanently closed on December 28.

Although stationary, the design and decor — mahogany paneling, velvet walls, deep-green interior, and Victorian style ceiling and lamps — evoked a stately train ride from the North of France to the Riviera.

The department store plans on doing an extensive renovations on its sixth floor. Whether the train returns or not has yet to be announced.

“Everyone has special memories of the last 37 years,” Anne Keating, a senior vice president of Bloomingdale’s, told the New York Times. “We look forward to welcoming something new in 2018.” [NYT]