Condé Nast is going to start selling their archive

In memory of Leonard Cohen, 1934-2016. Photographed by #IrvingPenn, Vogue, Aug. 1969.

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This is a step up from decorating your room with Vogue covers.

According to the Times, Condé Nast is planning to take advantage of their incredible archive and will begin selling more prints and object through their new store, Condé Nast Editions.

“These images have unprecedented value,” the senior vice president for licensing told the Times. “And we want these assets to become more accessible.”

Many of these objects will be limited edition prints, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags and pillow cases. Condé Nast already has a store that sells a small number of such images, but the plan is to expand it greatly. (The Times, for the record, has a similar store they conveniently forgot to mention in the article). If you aren’t sure which images you like, the company will be inviting social media “influencers” into the archives to snap photos and videos of their favorite items to help curate the collection.

Among the photographers’ whose work will be available will be giants like Helmut Newton, Irving Penn and Robert Frank. [NYT]