2017 is the year of the… his-and-hers kitchen?

We’ve heard of his-and-hers bathrooms and we’ve heard of his-and-hers closets. But his-and-hers kitchens? That’s a new one. It might just be the new hottest amenity though.

The kitchen in Rela and Don Gleason’s Napa Valley home has four islands, three sinks, two pairs of fridge and freezer columns,  according to the Wall Street Journal. When their grandchildren head to the 1,150-square-foot kitchen for breakfast “they call it Hawaiian breakfast,” because of all the islands Rela told the Journal.

The 8,830-square-foot home is now listed on the market for $21.5 million, and the couple is banking on the kitchen, with its his-and-hers design features, to help seal the deal.

Apparently, the rise in larger work spaces in kitchens coincides with a rise in the number of men cooking and spending time in the kitchen. 43 percent of men reportedly say they cook at home — the highest share in 30 years. They also spent more time doing it: an average 49 minutes a day in 2015, the most time in at least 50 years.

LLNYC’s conclusion? Men must be a nightmare to share a kitchen with. [Wall Street Journal]