The “Fat Jew” is losing his Insta-famous dog in divorce

If you’re not twinning with your human, they probably don’t really luv you. @the12ishstyle

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Lots of couple fight about who gets custody of the children in a nasty divorce. But what happens if the couple owns a dog with 370,000 followers on Instagram?

That’s the predicament that Josh Ostrovsky (aka “The Fat Jew”) is facing now, as Page Six reports that he is getting divorced from his wife Katie Sturino. Sturino is keeping their Insta-famous dog (and Hamptons expert), Toast, as well as the other two dogs the couple owns.

“I have visitation rights for the dogs, and we intend to be friends, which sounds impossible and progressive and European, but we’ll give it a shot!” Ostrovsky told Page Six.

Toast has a family too, of course; she “married” socialite Amanda Hearst’s dog Finn on an episode of “The Real Housewives of New York” last year. She reportedly wore a “custom-made Marchesa gown and veil,” accessorized with a $139,000 platinum-and-diamond necklace from London Jewelers to the wedding. Here’s hoping her marriage lasts longer than her owners. [Page Six]