LLNYC’s newest issue with Sarah Jessica Parker and Tracy Anderson is live!

Our cover with SJP and Tracy Anderson

It’s LLNYC’s fourth anniversary, and we are celebrating with our biggest cover star yet: “Sex and the City” and “Divorce” actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

Parker told us about transitioning into her first big television role in a decade, her relationship with poetry and art, and her fight to keep Greenwich Village vibrant.

We also sat down (and worked out) with celebrity workout guru Tracy Anderson — who wants you to know that she is not a celebrity-exclusive trainer. She also tells us that she believes in losing weight the old fashioned way and is not a fan of surgery.

Meanwhile we peeked inside the priciest homes on the market in top ski areas, looked at the tony residents of the Dakota, chatted with a divorce attorney to the 1 percent, ranked the city’s top hairdressers and dove into the wild and legally precarious world of art investing.

Check out the full issue here.


  • Len Blake

    Sarah Jessica Parker and her meek weak Hubby are the Plastic Hollywood types that
    turn us the viewer of media off.