Facebook’s Sean Parker accused of bringing chaos to 10th St.

Sean Parker, the interior of his 40 West 10th Street home and the street outside his home

Billionaire former Facebook president Sean Parker is being accused of wreaking havoc on a section of West 10th Street in Greenwich Village just to have Verizon FiOS installed at his $20 million home, known as Bacchus House.

Sources told Gawker that Parker had bulldozers push snow piles along the edge of the sidewalk into the middle of West 10th Street so that Verizon could install faster internet in his six-bedroom, seven-bathroom home, which includes an indoor pool, a private parking garage and an entire New York subway car.

“Sean Parker’s arrogance [and] indifference to his neighbors knows no limits,” one of Parker’s neighbors told Gawker. “For this project, cars that were legally parked have been towed, block access has been closed to all traffic, the noise has been deafening. How does the city allow this? Will the street, now looking like a Middle East battlefield, be promptly repaired and resurfaced?”

Both Parker and Verizon refused to comment. [Gawker]Christopher Cameron

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