17 people have been arrested in connection to Kim Kardashian’s robbery


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How could anyone pull off a robbery of one of the biggest stars in the world? Well, it’s possible the people who robbed Kim Kardashian West in Paris in October had a little help — from the inside.

This morning, 17 people were arrested in connection with the robbery, according to the Daily Mail. Among them were Kardashian’s chauffeur, Michael Madar, and his younger brother Gary Madar. Police confirmed to the Mail that the drivers would have known Kardashian’s movements. Another pair of brothers — who are still unidentified — have also been arrested in connection with the crime, and a source said they are “involved in the diamond trade, and are thought to have handled the stolen jewelry.”

The second pair of brothers arrested were known to make frequent trips to Antwerp, which is the diamond capital of Belgium and a known place for shady diamond transactions.

Among the others arrested is a 72-year-old Pierre B, who is thought to be the mastermind behind the whole operation.

Kardashian’s lawyer, Jean Veil, was pleased with the arrests, saying, “On the other hand, it puts an end to the outrageous speculation by some, who thought it was intelligent to pretend that this robbery was staged, or a publicity stunt organized by Ms Kardashian.” [DM]