Forget your dreams of Franzia frappuccino, Starbucks are ditching their booze

Perhaps after realizing they should stick to what they know, coffee-conglomerate Starbucks have announced plans to stop selling wine and beer at its U.S. stores by ending its ‘Starbucks Evenings’ initiative. It’s almost as if nobody wants to spend their nights hanging out at a corporate coffee shop…

However, if you do want to spend your evenings hanging out at a corporate coffee shop, you’ll be pleased to hear that beer, wine and spirits will be integrated into Starbucks’ new high-end Roasteries and Reserve stores, according to the Seattle Times.

Those stores are Starbucks’ effort at competing with the likes of Blue Bottle and Think Coffee, which offer coffee for discerning hipster buyers. Starbucks is credited with waking Americans up to $4 coffee drinks, but somewhere along the line, it became cool to drink $6 coffees that come with a ten-minute backstory about the origin of the beans, a change known as the “third wave coffee movement.” [Seattle Times]